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Varsity Comics was founded by artist and writer, James Dean Anderson. He is the creator of CONFLICT; the story of a midwestern millennial named Katerina Karolyi who becomes a vampire and learns that the world is not what she thought it was. Varsity Comics is officially launching CONFLICT #1 in late June of 2018, at the 5th Annual Smallville Comic Con!

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Smallville Comic Con


The Smallville Comic Convention is held every summer in Hutchinson, Kansas, also known as Smallville, due to it's almost dead-on match to the description of the town of comic lore. This year's convention features Dean Cain, of ABC's smash hit, "Lois & Clark", and the new fan favorite, "Supergirl". Find out more info at:

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CONFLICT: a Cautionary Tale

Varsity Comics is proud to present it's first release: CONFLICT #1. Written and illustrated by James Dean Anderson, CONFLICT is set in modern day America... assuming that there are vampires lurking in the suburbs. Oh, and these vampires? They can go outside. They just don't LIKE the sunshine.

The book humorously supposes that vampires are merely another race of humans that have been around for so long that they are a protected indigenous people. One that is free to practice it's religious beliefs or sacrifices, and that the lives they take are merely natural selection at work. At least, that's how it is in SOME states.

To kick it off, CONFLICT #1 follows the story of a midwestern girl named Katerina Karolyi. Kat is an upbeat, outgoing and athletic high school senior who is turning 18 and has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Like many midwesterners, she is all-too-trusting for her own good.  It's a big world out there. One that is full of men, monsters and the reality that many are simply a sick combination of both. Kat will have to decide which one to be.

CONFLICT #1 is a cautionary tale that dares to poke fun at an increasingly idiotic and narcissistic world, while not shying away from calling it out on it's less than honorable intentions. GET IT.


James Dean Anderson

Hailing from Wichita, Kansas, James Dean Anderson is a relentlessly driven and creative 20-year veteran of the professional creativity. He is an artist, writer, designer, and entrepreneur.

James Dean fell in love with comic books at 15 years of age, after walking into a comic book shop for the first time. “I saw several Frank Miller Daredevil books on the shelf and I was immediately hooked. When I walked out, I went home and drew my first three-page comic,” says Anderson. “It was my escape from a dark place.”

James' obsession quickly turned into commission work, with his first paid gig only a month later. He was published in WIZARD:The Guide to Comics, at only 19. By 22, he was listed in Orion Publishing Group’s “Top Ten Unsigned Artists”. Anderson went on to work for OPG as both an artist and a branding consultant, plotting their first 12-title company crossover in only two hours. It led to a career in branding and graphics, eventually circling back to comic book illustration in the corporate world.

THE DEAL: Reserve two (2) copies of CONFLICT #1, today, and James will include a free original sketch with the order. Order ten (10), and get an inked sketch on bristol. Order 50 copies... and get an ORIGINAL PAGE FROM THE BOOK, (while supplies last)!



CONFLICT needs an inker. If you want to try out for the gig, here is a tryout page that you can download and try to traditionally or digitally ink. 48 hours from posting, at least one talented and skilled individual will walk away with $100US, (paid through the free Cash App from Square). More than that, they might end up with a gig at Varsity Comics, too!

To be clear, this is a free download and we do not, in any way, claim ownership of the character or symbol that it features. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, Superman is the greatest superhero of all time... and we are excited to wish him a happy 80th birthday. Thank you, Detective Comics, for continuing to create and publish his stories, for so long.

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