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A PAGE A DAY. That's the goal of any serious comic book artist, unless their name carries enough weight that they can make their own schedule, a bit more. Unfortunately, that only applies to, like, twenty guys in the world... and it may be less.

That means you've got to buckle down and do the work. Grind out the work, hour after hour. Nights off? Weekends? Friends and hanging out at a bar? Say goodbye to them. Casual relationships? Extended family and vacations? Good luck with that.

Surround yourself with a tight circle of supportive and encouraging people, and make sure to remember that quantity of time does not equate to "quality time". Not even close, to be honest.

Frankly, you might be surprised at how surface-level a lot of your relationships actually are. It's hard to notice until you really drive towards a goal just how few deep and encouraging connections we have.

Live. Love. Laugh. Loud. Just don't forget to knock out that page, tonight. After all, you have another one due tomorrow.


  • James Dean Anderson

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